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With KNOXTTDOTCOM you only pay for functionality you are going to use.  No license fees, full client ownership of the application and training for staff in its maintenance.  The end product belongs to you. Feel free to email us at or fill out our contact us form here.

Some of the problems we solve

I need a simple Accounting Package to manage my money:I need a professionally polished website now:I need software that does what I want when I want:
Based on the simple principle of Money In / Money Out we offer an outstanding accounting package that targets those entrepreneurs who are both the go getters and accountants for their business. Contact us to try it out for a month. It takes us less than a month to build a professionally polished website. Our only requirement is that you have all your text content, images and navigational menu. We build one website that has a consistent look on any device, desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Have a look at our feature project below. Software whose functionality is defined by company requirements and business processes. Our Joint Application Development, or JAD process ensures that the input for your custom built software comes from your decision makers.


I need someone to manage my website or show me how to do it:How do I implement some business processes on my website:I just need someone who's knows software to talk to:
We manage company websites and or train your targeted staff on those nuts & bolts of website maintenance and management. Quickly and easily build a connection between your line of business and the I.T. department. Be it a registration process, sales force figures or any data to be captured by front line staff, you can get what you want, put it where you want and control access to it all from the comfort of your website. With over 11 years of experience with 10 different organizations Knoxttdotcom has a wealth of information and 'know it how' expertise. Our strong point is leveraging on existing infrastructure so that your investment doesn't have to be a financial risk. Use our Skype/Paypal feature for professional consultation services.

Knoxttdotcom Video Tutorials

Installing Joomla 1 of 2
Benefits of Joomla
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Installing Joomla
Installing a template 1 of 2
Adding a new menu item - narrative
Installing a template 2 of 2
Adding a new menu item - demo
Joomla template
Rebranding: adding a new menu item

Feature Project

Cskills Website

Caribbean Web Development

Knoxttdotcom is applying the finishing touches to the Cskills website, found at We would like to take a moment to highlight some of the functionality achieved for this revolutionary online marketing idea in the Caribbean.

Encrypted website for tight security. This is important for external user interactivity that require authenticated access to some services.

Website & Business Process Integration:
The Cskills service of online advertising has been integrated into their website and in the process empowered their clients to take control of how and when they advertise online without the intervention of Cskills staff.

E-commerce Solutions:
Users can pay for their online classified and trade/service advertisement services via PayPal or credit card.

Custom Built Software:
This website was custom built and the functionality is role based.
Employers – can post their own vacancies;
Institutions – can post their own courses;
Trade/Service – small business owners, trades men/women or anyone with a skill can advertise their service in a professional manner;
Job Hunters – Can advertise their qualifications as well as post their resumes in a public or private maner;


Some of our characteristics

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