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Our Process Flow

Our bespoke process flow is simple and customer focused. Everything starts off with a "quick start meeting" where all the key stakeholders are introduced. During this meeting all desired functionality is expressed even if it may not be practical.

Following this meeting at an agreed time and date a second meeting would be scheduled where Knoxttdotcom will present a prototype with very limited but key functionality. The first two meetings are completely free of charge.  Which means the very first prototype is built free of charge. However during the demonstration of the first prototype, a project proposal will be presented. Once the fee has been mutually negotiated a 10% down payment is required before any work starts. Upon successful deposit of this initial payment work starts, and from here on in iterative incremental development begins. The project then starts to spiral out upon successive iterations of requirements, design, develop, implement, test and analyze. Our five vital steps are incorporated into this process to ensure stakeholder inclusion and participation. The diagram below highlights this simple and effective process.



Knoxttdotcom bespoke process flow.

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