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ViPO net. - Virtual Police Officer network

ViPO net. was developed to support Law Enforcement and the General Public in the fight against crime - reducing crime and the fear of crime.

WHAT IS ViPO net.?
ViPO net. is a mass data collection anti-crime system, operating in cyberspace that provides the opportunity for the general public to participate in a structured and meaningful network, geared towards fighting crime. Members of the public who are empowered to participate in a modern, safe and unique approach to fighting crime using ViPO net. various facilities, will inherently become ViPOs - Virtual Police Officers.

ViPO net. have met ViPO key Considerations listed below:

  1. A need for persons to submit crime reports anonymously,
  2. To empower the people the participate in the fight against crime,
  3. To gather substantial leads for law enforcement,
  4. Expand the policing efforts by mammoth proportions,
  5. Expand real-time reporting capabilities,
  6. Improve the relationship between law enforcement and the people and
  7. Improve personal security and reduce the fear of crime.

ViPO net. consist of an Electronic Human Intelligence (eHumint) website that offers a strict code of confidentiality and anonymity to persons submitting reports on crime, in various formats such as audio, text, images or videos from various communication devices (computers, phones, tablets etc).

ViPO fashioned eighteen products that will be discussed on i95.5FM every Wednesday at 1:30pm:

  1. ViPO Info
  2. ViPO Guardian Angel
  3. ViPO Safe City
  4. ViPO Investigator
  5. ViPO Mass Analytical Sub System
  6. ViPO Corporate
  7. ViPO State Enterprise
  8. ViPO for Schools
  9. ViPO for Kids
  10. ViPO Sketch Artist
  11. ViPO News
  12. ViPO Chat
  13. ViPO Air
  14. ViSpy
  15. ViPO Red Chair
  16. ViPO Rewards
  17. ViPO Zone
  18. ViPO Sting

All products were developed based on the key considerations and will offer significant benefits to any country.

ViPO is grateful for the contributions made by the:

  1. Trinidad & Tobago Police Service Social and Welfare Association (PSWA)
  2. Focus Groups throughout Trinidad & Tobago
  3. Ardent Listeners to the i95.5FM PSWA Programme
  4. Software Engineers and Vendors in Trinidad & Tobago, the USA and Europe,
  5. Various Professors heading Criminology Departments within the Region and Europe.
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