Caribbean Software and Website Development

Some compelling benefits when working with KNOXTTDOTCOM include:

  • no licensing fees;
  • complete client ownership;
  • trained staff/future development;
  • detailed documentation &
  • training material.


No licensing fees

When working with KNOXTTDOTCOM there are no licensing fees. There is only one fee to cover the development and deployment of the application. This fee also includes training.


Complete client ownership

The entire application inclusive of web interface, database and code blocks are under the complete ownership of the client.


Detailed documentation

Documentation comes in a mixed form of manuals, training videos and disaster recovery document/s.


Training material

Training videos are provided for staff both in the use of the application as well as it's maintenance. Over the years it has been observed that the quickest way to learn a new application is via access to videos that demonstrate 'how to's' and 'what to do'.

Caribbean bespoke software applications

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